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1:10 AM, Mar 27, 2003 toot this
3/27/2003 2:10 AM
With regular updates from the ntp server in Columbia, all linux machines in our apartment now have actual, synchronized time. I'll be leaving for Chicago on Friday morning, to see Guster, and enjoy a cold weekend in a colder place. The weatherman says that it's supposed to be 14 degrees in Kansas City, on Saturday. I think it'll actually be a bit warmer in Chicago, but still not warm enough to go to a concert without a coat. There's something that freaks me out a bit, about going to a concert with a coat. One thing that I think'll make the whole thing easier, though, is that the crowd will mostly consist of kids. This means that the rather expansive bar will be largely unoccupied, and maybe will even have open seats, over which we can drape our cumbersome jackets.

Until then, I have a night and a half here at work. May it pass quickly.

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