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Beery Saturday
I got up yesterday morning, checked my email and forums, and got a call from Mike at work, about a networking conflict with the green-suit people setting their stuff up among our machines. I responded, both by phone and email, and hopefully, the situation has been resolved, based on my feedback, because I haven't heard anything yet. After that, I fixed a couple bugs in a new web application I just released for work, and ran over to the office to pick up a package.

At about 1pm, Jeff and I hopped in the car and drove to Lawrence to attend the brewmaster-guided tour of Free State Brewing company's operations. One thing about the tour that I thought was especially cool was that among the six or seven attendees were waitresses, who were taking notes the whole time. It turns out that everyone who works there has to be versed in the brewing process, and is subjected to a written "brewing test," to certify their worthiness.

After the tour was over, we reentered the main area of the bar, which was surprisingly crowded. There was no way to get a seat, and it was 3pm on a Saturday. We opted instead to walk down Massachusetts St, and pick a place when we saw it. That place turned out to be Lawrence's BW3's location, because they were showing the Germany-Portugal game on every oversized TV they had. We sat down and got some beers, and some old weird dude, sitting next to Jeff at the bar, was overjoyed to have someone's ear to fill with his undecipherable stupid crap. We opted for a table, and watched the game unfold from there.

While we were there, we decided to make a trip to the TSC for the Royals-Jays game at 6:10pm. We made phone calls inviting people, and never got any takers. In the end, it was just Jeff and me. As we were leaving Lawrence, I decided to take US-24 home, for a more scenic route than the ultrafast turnpike. It was lovely. We got home with enough time to grab a quick bite and head over to Barney Allis Plaza to catch the bus to the game. The new tennis stadium they built there looked very nice.

The game was back and forth, but Toronto came out on top, 7 to 5. After it ended with Reggie Sanders striking out looking, we decided to take the Waldo bus instead of the downtown bus, back from the K, and went over to 75th St Brewery for a giant mug of Pale Ale. Chris joined us there, and we talked about various subjects for an hour or so, principally beer.

The last bus downtown left Waldo at midnight, so Jeff and I walked over to the stop at 74th and Broadway, and were delighted to see that it was an "Ozone Alert" day, which means that all bus fares are 25 cents. We took the bus back downtown, and topped off the night with some beers and pub chips at 12Baltimore. I was in bed by 1:30am.


chris was sure you'd want to know:
we need to get back to 75th street so i can drink more giant mugs of that APA. boy howdy!

10:20 AM, Jul 9, 2006

Christy commented:
Ah, I was at that game too. Disappointing. :-(

5:42 PM, Jul 10, 2006

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