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11:47 AM, Dec 27, 2002 toot this
12/27/2002 12:47 AM
I have almost completed a week of working during Christmas. It was very slow, and fortunately, more relaxed than most weeks. The Alpha machine has about 7 hours left on ebay, and still hasn't received any bids. People want under the table deals, which I suppose is fine, but it usually means that people will pay less than I'm asking for it. When I was bidding for an alpha machine, only a few weeks ago, I was unable to get ahold of anything for less than $300. Times change, I guess. I'm just surprised at how quickly they do, considering that this is a very good machine. Maybe I'm just a poor salesman. I actually have no doubt of that, but I just thought this machine would go quickly. Oh well. T minus 42 days until the big Ireland trip!

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