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8:00 AM, Sep 1, 2002 toot this
9/1/2002 9:00 AM
Happy September, folks. I've been quite busy in the last few days. Since the announcement that mp3 decoders(players, like winamp) are no longer available to be provided without a fee, payable to the Thomson Multimedia Group. Hence, mp3's are no longer free. Soon after the announcement was made quite public across the internet, some time last week, this open letter surfaced on the webpage of the OGG-Vorbis project. Since I saw the original announcement, I've been busy converting my mp3's to ogg format. So, don't be freaked out if you go searching for mp3's on my site, and see a strange new format there. Go ahead, download it, and enjoy a free file format. Winamp has supported the playback of ogg files by default for some time now. So, for most people, the transition from a proprietary world to a free one should be transparent. I went to Boulevard Brewery again this weekend. I was informed by the Brewmaster, upon his knowledge that it was my fifth visit to the brewery, that I am welcome as often as I wish. This could be dangerous. The Brookside Irish Festival is this weekend, as well, and I will be in attendance tonight, to see a band that comes with high recommendation. I shall enjoy it, along with $3 Boulevard pulls.

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