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3:09 AM, Dec 12, 2002 toot this
12/12/2002 4:09 AM
Tonight is what would be called an activity-light shift, or in layman's terms: a dull-ass night. It has afforded me the chance to do some websurfing, and I have discovered a few things. First, people in Britain like to race cheese. Secondly, the lead singer/guitarist from Stereolab was killed in a cycling accident in London on Monday. I am sad, as I was waiting for them to return to KC for a show. I found a great site for world city populations, and in my search for such a site, I came across this page, by happy accident. It turns out that my ISP, despite how good their service is, is the slowest-growing major ISP in the US. My little secret, I guess. Being a "secret," though, isn't generally a very good way to do business, unless you sell drugs.

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