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8:13 PM, Mar 15, 2006 toot this
Beer University
At about 5PM, I walked down to the Boulevard Brewery today, amid torrents of heavy wind and angry drivers. I arrived, and took it upon myself to make my own introduction to all present, before hardhats were passed out. We headed over to the new expansion for a our of the new facilities. It didn't take long for me to have an irreparable goofy smile on my face. I don't want to give away too much, at least until I post the pictures I took.

After the tour, we came back, helped ourselves to voluminous amounts of draught beer, went over some of the finer points of representing America's 25th-largest brewery, ate some Waldo Pizza, and then test-tasted some beers one of the touristers brought back to KC from some place that has better distribution. The selection included beers from Anderson Valley, Great Lakes, New Holland, and the always excellent Dogfish Head brewery. DH was represented with their delicious 60-Minute IPA, and their incomparable 90-Minute IPA.

Th rest of the evening after that was kind of a blur, as, unfortunately, beer has a certain effect on the senses, and especially free beer, to which I unabashedly helped myself.

Anyway, whatever.

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