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9:41 AM, May 18, 2007 toot this
A Good Old-Fashioned Woopin
We had a make-up kickball game last night, to make up for time lost to rain. Coincidentally, we played the same team we played last week- the same team that beat us with a score of nine runs to our six. We even played them at the same time. We came out slow, not scoring a single run, and only getting one person on base in the first inning. From there though, it was amazing. We had rally after rally, and our defense was as good or better than it's ever been. We only allowed two runs(both of which happened while I was pitching), and scored eighteen!

Games like that are the reason that I play kickball. Everyone got on base, and almost everyone scored. Jeff scored four runs. Ben cleared the bases with a 3-run suicide homer. Erik circled the field in a solo shot when he kicked the ball past the outfielders. Julie got her first hit/RBI combo with no outs inflicted. Jeff pitched a couple perfect innings. Carly blew me away with athleticism that I hadn't previously seen from her. I'm pretty sure that everybody that made it had a great time.

A contingent of kickballers celebrated with a postgame victory dinner at Grinders, and a smaller contingent of that contingent went and got a couple drinks at the Phoenix, from which I happily walked the two blocks home. Here's a selection of the pictures I took.

012bencarly.jpg 015juliegetsthemout.jpg 020chris.jpg 022jeff.jpg 025erp.jpg 026team.jpg

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