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Party Complete
The party was held on Friday, and it was the pinnacle in planning and execution. Unfortunately, with 29 attendees(that I recall), it was the most lightly attended party we've ever thrown. But such as it was, it was excellent. Jeff and I picked up a keg of O'Fallon 5-Day IPA to swap in when the Pale Ale was spent. However, the Pale Ale seemed to have no intention of going anywhere. It poured better than anything we've ever had on tap, but try as we might, it just seemed to be unassailable. We began to get alarmed, as the O'Fallon keg was sitting on ice, and could not remain so forever. We had been counting on the Pale Ale blowing that night. Finally, as the party drew to its conclusion at about 2am, the Pale Ale finally blew, halfway through a glass I was filling for myself.

We attached the new keg and resigned ourselves to playing youtube videos on the wii until everybody left.

Pictures available here for an unlimited time.

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