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7:46 PM, Dec 3, 2004 toot this
Drinking Sick
I went out last night, confirming to myself that I really was sick, and apparently, on the way home, I picked this up.


It's made of some kind of space-age rubber, and weighs about thirty pounds. I think it's made for being safe to run over with a car. I have no idea what it is, nor do I have any idea why I would have picked it up and carried it home. I need to stop drinking so much.


bahua commented:
I wound up just leaving it in the alley before going out, one night, and when I came home that night, it was gone. There are strange things in the city.

9:18 PM, Jan 25, 2004

no_name wants you to know:
Whoops, meant weighs not ways

9:32 PM, Dec 3, 2004

ck responded:
bahua is a boozehound

11:16 AM, Dec 4, 2004

jesse replied:
I should stop trying to guess what it is and read the comments for the answer. I promise Bahua, that I will learn from this mistake.

8:44 PM, Dec 4, 2004

bahua responded:
All is forgiven.

But now, I need to figure out how to sneak it back into the streets of KC.

8:48 PM, Dec 4, 2004

bahua had this to say:
You mean a "monolith?"

10:32 PM, Dec 4, 2004

dem took the time to say:
You start with a giant zeppelin that says "Free Pizza" on it...

1:08 AM, Dec 5, 2004

Kubrick had this to say:
Its an obelisk.

7:10 AM, Dec 5, 2004

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