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Idiot Box
I hate television. That's another thing I hate. Overland Park and television. A number of times, I have been roped into watching pop culture specials on VH1, or home video disaster reels on FOX, UPN, or the WB, and have every time encountered one common feature in all these programs. They are almost invariably a full hour in length, and hence break for commercials about ten or fifteen times. This alone is annoying enough, but the really annoying thing they all do, in the minute or two prior to each commercial, is show a "coming up," segment, telling you what's going to be on the show later in the program, and in the case of the disaster reel(think: world's deadliest bungee-jump car crash animal attack accidents), they usually show you the whole film in this segment.

When you have a one-hour program, interrupted as much as it is with commercials, the time it's actually on gets cut down to something like 39 minutes. Then, when they take two minutes before each of the, let's say, six commercial breaks, to tell you what will be on later, after you've changed the channel, or heaven forbid, turned off the damned TV, that cuts the actual content down to something like 25 minutes. That's 25 minutes of content, and 35 minutes of crap.

I hate television.

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