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Every Reason to be Happy
For the fourth week in a row, the kickball season was postponed due to perfectly timed rain. It appears that this week's game too will be cancelled. I sure would love to play, but I've had enough going on lately to keep me occupied. With kickball cancelled, Jeff and I went to Blanc Burgers & Bottles in Westport. I had never been there before, and found the food to be outstanding, and the all-bottled beer selection to be almost as good . It was way too expensive to make a visit a casual thing, but I'd recommend it without hesitation.

Work on Friday was work. Whatever. The joy gets sucked out of life when I'm on call, and I'm on call. fortunately, a lot of really great stuff is coming up, so it'll take a lot of sucking to get me joyless right now. I will outline the various reasons why.

1) I had an extremely painful tongue sore for the last week or so, and finally looks to be clearing up. It hurt to do anything: eat, talk, sleep, sit still, think, argue on the internet, anything. Now that it's feeling much better, I feel like going out and seeing the world.

2) I am on call, as I said, and the worst of it is most likely behind me. The weekend included a maintenance window, and James, who did the maintenance work, said that there were lots of fires to put out. It was almost an hour after the window officially ended before he switched the pager back over to me. I got paged about once every 45 minutes until 9am. Last night however, was hunky-dory.

3) The long winter appears to have finally subsided, and given way to a glorious green spring. Though it's about six weeks late in coming, Spring is here, complete with verdant green grass, blossom-plumed trees, and omnipresent emerging leaves. It's difficult to be in a bad mood in such surroundings. Plus, I still have like a month before flowering plants start to incite me into unstoppable fits of sneezing, and leprosy of the eyes.

4) This weekend is the third annual KCATA Pubcrawl. Along with several irresponsible friends, I will work my way from bar to bar between Waldo and downtown, using only my feet and the trusty bus to do it. It isn't forecasted to be as warm as it was in the previous two years, but it'll still be fine. I can't wait.

5) The weekend after that, I'm hopping in a car with Erp and Amber, and we'll be driving five hundred miles to Louisville, where we will attend the Kentucky Derby. I haven't been to Kentucky since Bart's wedding in 2006, and have been itching to get back. I just can't wait!

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