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I have been hesitant to write any updates lately, because there's been a lot to write about, and I haven't felt like writing it all down. I'll give you the condensed version.

Last Friday, I hung out in Westport amid intolerable crowds with Heidi and her friends at the Dark Horse and Harpo's. On Saturday, a group of us played some whirlyball out in Shawnee. After the fun, everyone else went to some bar to go boozin', while our car(Jeff, Josh, Kelly, and me), went to Denny's for massive quantities of cheap delicious food, and everybody fell asleep in the car(except me, of course) on the way back to town.

We started the new season of kickball with a three-inning slaughter-rule loss, on Wedesday. I think our team is actually getting worse, all the time. We followed that with a quick run to Fric and Frack on 39th, before and after which I gave a bit of a tour of KC to Julie, who was generous enough to drive me all over.

This past Friday, I went out to Village West to have some beer with Jeff, and then he was called away, because he quite suddenly became an uncle. His parents have already bought plane tickets to Oregon to visit their first grandchild. I was diverted to Power Play in Shawnee, where I met up with Erik, and where we were both informed that we needed more people if we wanted to play whirlyball. Dejected, we went down to 75th St Brewery and had a nice time, calling it a night at only 11:30pm.

This Saturday, I met up with Jeff and Eric at the Power Plant Brewery in Parkville, where we had a nice conversation over IPAs and Pumpkin ale. Last night, Cole and I took the bus down to the Carriage House on 43rd, right next to the Levee, for Geoff's 30th birthday party. The central event of the evening was cup races. My team made it to the semifinals, but lost on a technicality.

By about 1am, I decided that I'd had enough, and stepped outside with a mind to put on my headphones and walk the four miles home, but was greeted with torrential rain. The water was three inches deep going down the hill on 43rd eddying ten inches against parked cars that it looked like it would carry away. At about the same moment, my stomach heaved, and with almost no warning, I vomited over the rail, muddying the gathering water on the lawn with a mix of stomach acid and what I had been competitively drinking. I did this twice, and followed it with a stint of uncontrollable sneezing. I went from jolly to miserable in all of about twenty seconds.

Walking wasn't going to work out, as it was just raining too hard. I would become completely saturated, and probably catch a cold. Also, my phone and mp3 player would probably suffer some adverse effects too. So I called a cab, came home, cured my hiccups, and went drunkenly to sleep. I woke up after about eight hours of the screwy, unpleasant dreams that usually accomany inebriation, and felt a terrible pounding in my head. I took care of some business, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, took three aspirin, and tried to get back to sleep. I managed about three more hours of light sleep, as the aspirin took effect.

That pretty much brings you up to speed.

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