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5:28 PM, Jun 28, 2006 toot this
I Drove
Today, I did something I haven't done in so long that I don't when the last time was that I did it. I drove to a bar in Kansas City. I despise driving. I mean I really just hate it. I hate driving with an irrational dislike that is matched in ferocity only by my converse love of beer. Nevertheless, the fact that I was already very late, and the fact that it was frigging hot outside combined to form the decision that I needed to drive to La Bodega to meet a bevy of friends and well-wishers, down on Southwest Boulevard.

The tapas were delicious, and the Bully! Porter was very fresh. That might be assumed, considering that the brewery is about six blocks away, but alas, sometimes, lines are left to sit, awaiting patrons with the sophisticated taste that warrants an order of the bully.

Anyway, I have people coming over soon. Buzz off.

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