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12:34 PM, Apr 14, 2006 toot this
Air Conditioning
It's April 14th, and my forecastfox reports that it's 86 degrees outside, and will get to 90 before the sun goes down. Naturally, the air conditioner, being a complete piece of garbage, needs to be repaired at the onset of this year's summer heat. The leasing agents sent a maintenance guy over and he's outside working on it now. I predict that somehow, it's covered with ice, or we did something to set off its delicate temperament. It isn't sweltering in here, but it definitely isn't comfortable. It's sticky, close, and humid.

I woke up this morning with hangover breath, just finishing a dream about getting a drink of water, stuck to my sheets. It was the exact scenario that makes me willing to pay ridiculous electric bills to air condition my home. I personally think that in the world of human luxury, man has achieved nothing greater than the wonder of central air conditioning, and I'm big on keeping up the appreciation of that feat.

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