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2:21 PM, Dec 6, 2007 toot this
Almost Gone
With no warning(to me), Kansas City got hit with its first real snow today. It started some eight minutes after I completed entering my previous post. To celebrate, all the idiots in town decided to go outside and drive around, comically running into things for the sake of humor.

As was previously arranged, I left the office at 11:30am, and found the world swathed in a half-inch deep layer of freshly fallen snow. It took about 45 minutes to get home, even though with my mostly brilliant route I never really encountered any traffic.

I got home, ate, packed, and found to my amazement that my 3:30pm flight was still predicted to depart on time, despite all the people whose heads were exploding. I went to the airport at a crawling speed, but in little to no traffic, I arrived with enough time to drink a really large beer before leisurely strolling over to the no-line security gate.

Jeff texted me with the news that my flight actually arrived early, and I took a seat in front of the ridiculously large flatscreen television that was marqueeing all the evening's cancellations.

It looks like they'll be boarding soon, so I'd better wrap this up before it drains my phone's battery. Next time you hear from me, it'll be from San Francisco!


Jeff replied:
i really do think you play this "kansas citians are fools when they drive in any kind of weather" for all you can. for example, it took you 45 minutes get home--it only took me 30 at 3:30 pm, only 8 minutes more than my fastest record of 22 (i took the highways, too). it's kind of annoying. back it up with data, sir!

9:10 PM, Dec 6, 2007

bahua offered:
Why does my opinion of the empirically abyssmal badness of Kansas City drivers annoy you?

1:19 PM, Dec 13, 2007

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