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2:11 AM, Mar 7, 2003 toot this
3/7/2003 3:11 AM
I have been working quite a bit on the site, to get it a bit in good standing, as standards are concerned, and have decided that HTML 4.0 Strict will be the model for bahua.com. Some things I hope to accomplish with this is getting some html I have been working on to work right in both Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is giving me all the trouble, and pretty much everything else. Konqueror has a few CSS rendering problems on this site, but I have faith in the joint work of the folks at Apple and KDE to set things right. Mozilla, while a bit sluggish, renders everything just fine, and Opera performs brilliantly.

I have a weekend with the apartment to myself, ahead of me. It seems that I'll be flying solo, because of a good deal of my friends will be busy or out of town, too. I might get a new game or something.

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