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A Week Long
Since getting back to town from celebrating Christmas with the family on the weekend before it, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on amusement with friends who are in town for the holiday, or are just of a temperament that suits the imbibing of beverages until the night is old. There are too many nights to report, so I'll just focus on the main things, and on last night. It was as good a night as any.

First off, I have a date on Friday, and I'm pretty excited about it. I still haven't decided what we'll do yet though. I came back to town on Monday night(the 22nd), and met up with some friends at the Brick for their notoriously excellent karaoke night. They don't appear to accept legal tender as a means by which individuals may circumvent the queue of people awaiting their turn, and by the time I put my name in for a song, the queue was substantial. As such, I had already gone home by the time they called my name for a song.

That said, I met a beautiful, funny, amazingly single woman while I was there, and we somehow got along. Awkward, cheesy smiles and contact information were exchanged as I left early, as I had to get home to get some sleep for an interview at 10am. And yeah, we're going out to a destination or destinations I have yet to decide on Friday, and when I do decide, I won't be telling you psychos. I know how you paparazzi operate.

Last night I agreed to meet up with Chris at Grinders, but Sarah was holding an official birthday celebration at the Foundry in Westport, so I needed to make it to both. I got to Grinders right on time and came face to face with the woman I was looking forward to dating on Friday, who came with her sister, who was invited by Nick, who was invited by me. A hearty laugh was shared by all, and we quickly set about discussing music and beer. I left and hurried to Westport, where a crowd of equal size was congregated to wish Sarah a happy 26th. Sarah bought everyone shots. She loves buying rounds of shots.

I went home by about 1am, and drank three or four glasses of water before going to sleep to avoid a noxious hangover. I woke up and felt fine. Score.

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A Rare Weekend
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