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9:31 AM, Aug 20, 2007 toot this
I met up with Erp, Amber, Becky, Liana, Heather, and Brad last night for a viewing of Superbad, the newest movie with the production guidance of Judd Apatow, the genius behind Freaks and Geeks. Superbad is a crass, ridiculous, slightly offensive movie that despite is roughness, is absolutely believable, owing entirely to the superb dialogue. Apatow has a gift for not over-elaborating(the "Dawson's Creek Effect") or providing magic pithy responses to everything(the "Tarantino Effect"), in the dialogue of teenagers.

Teenagers are goofy, uncertain people with serious acceptance issues, and most filmmakers and producers seem more interested in waving that away, thinking that it can't make for an interesting story. Not so. Superbad broaches many taboos and social mores, but it makes it all completely believable. Sorry for using a four-syllable word twice(the "JK Rowling Effect"), but the dialogue is just that: believable. There are times when you cringe at the tactless clumsy words of any of the 18-year-old characters, and then admit to yourself, "well that's probably no better than I'd've done."

On top of all this artistic realism, the movie is poop-your-pants hilarious. Go and see it. Immediately.

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dick took the time to say:
while i found it hilarious, i did not poop-my-pants.

9:06 AM, Aug 21, 2007

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