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2:52 PM, Jan 28, 2006 toot this
Humdrum Friday
I suggested to the usual suspects that we go out in downtown, last night. But, despite my yammerings and perfect willingness to go somewhere and wait for them, Cole and I wound up waiting in vain at Winslow's, for women that don't go out before 11PM, and that never had any intention to come "all the way" downtown. So, as is usually the case, we went to them. Actually, we went to their neighborhood, and were told to chill at a neighborhood bar, while they dish and drink martinis at a friend's apartment.

I guess that first paragraph make me sound angry and bitter, but I'm not. One of these days, these ladies will be tired of the Plaza, Westport, and Brookside, but knowing my luck, I'll be out of town, and return just in time for them to be all excited about the Plaza's three viable bars again.

Again, not bitter. They eventually joined us at JJ's, and conversation ensued. We wound up staying out until Fred P Ott's closed, at 3AM, and Cole and I took the cab of shame home. It was a fun night, but not particularly eventful. Heidi and I are going to mass again, tomorrow morning, and apparently, I'm going to help her find good angles from which to shoot pictures of downtown. I'll have to go through my collection for the good stuff.


Rachel spoiled the calm with:
Who's Cole?

1:09 AM, Jan 29, 2006

bahua offered:
He's a friend who moved downtown last year.

11:04 AM, Jan 29, 2006

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