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2:30 PM, Mar 27, 2008 toot this
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Instead of working really hard on a large backlog of queued tickets and requests, I've just spent the last hour looking at paintings on Brandon Bird's webpage. I particularly enjoyed Nobody Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford and Killing Machine as I perused his works. I might purchase a print of one.

I then remembered the copious laughs I derived from reading PC Gamer's 1998 review of eXtreme Paintbrawl, which it appears the magazine has maintained for posterity. And why shouldn't they, considering it holds the lowest score of any game ever reviewed by the magazine. I reminds me of my favorite bad review out of the ones that I've written, from my once-great Draught of the Week section.

The kickball season has been postponed a week because Matt's girlfriend made it rain. I've proposed a conciliatory trip to ChefBurger for the team, but I fear that everyone is going to come up with ideas for things to do instead. Time will tell.

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