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Linux and Foos
I got home from work last night after talking with Matt on IM for a good deal of the day. He apparently needed some help with his computer, running a version of GNU/Linux that I used to use. He was a while in being ready, so Jeff and I drank beer and watched two movies: Air Force One and Tron. At around ten or so, Matt arrived, and we gave him the grand tour. Since he's an avid cyclist and proponent of urban living, he almost never drives. But he had just been to the store to stock up on a full carload of stuff, so we drove the quarter mile or so to his place.

I wasn't able to help with his computer, and his ergonomic keyboard was impossible for me to use. I personally have found that with Gentoo in particular, sometimes things just break themselves, and the damage is effectively irreparable, since the system's default package manager seems incapable of fixing the problem. We were drinking beers, and steadily degenerating the evening into just a bunch of websites and videos when there came a knock on the door.

One of Matt's neighbors had imbibed some liquid courage and heard us talking through the walls. So he sauntered over and invited us to come over and hang out. We wound up playing foosball and basketball at his place until almost four in the morning. It was a strange, unexpected night.

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Matt blurted:
Yeah, that was weird. Thanks for your help.

It was a session of fancy nerdery that was interrupted by macho indoor sports. Fascinating.

4:18 PM, Apr 14, 2007

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