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9:26 AM, Jan 7, 2010 toot this
West Thirty-ninth by Bus
In the interest of updating like I did in 2005 and 2006, here goes nothing!

Work wound down yesterday by the usual time, and I put on some warm clothes. It snowed all day and most of the night, with the dizzying swirls and lamppost-illuminated multitudes of falling snow reaching fever-pitch at around 9pm. You'd have to be crazy to go out into that. So, I caught the 47 at 10th and Main at 5:45 or so, and alighted at 39th and Bell to join Nicolas and Karen at Gilhouly's for pitchers and popcorn. For over an hour we were the only ones there. We did impressions of each other to waves of raucous laughter until Anna joined us with snow in her hair. Matt appeared soon after. We had a regular night out on our hands.

After perhaps four pitchers, we groped our way across the a street to Fric & Frac for food. I got the sandwich that's named after me, as I always do, and we split some delicious nachos and fries. We're all going to die. We drank some Irish Ales(the first of the season), and agreed that 2010's batch is A-OK. Justin, of course, was there when we arrived. Matt rode the bus down to the Midtown nethers as well, and the two of us watched buses going by, always resolving to catch the next one, and be ready for it when it comes. It never happened. Instead, when Nick, Anna, and Karen were fed up with having a good time and left, Justin graciously offered to give us a ride home in his badass urban assault vehicle.

We picked up some beer for the road and drank it in the car, appreciating Missouri's lack of an open container law for passengers. Justin dropped me off at my shabby apartment, and I was asleep in minutes.

That's it!

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