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I Am Moving
It has occurred to me, through the great number of people that as of late have been asking me questions to which I thought they knew the answers, that not everybody knows about my upcoming plans. I will dispell all rumors now.

I am buying an apartment in downtown Kansas City. The building is called the Coffee Lofts. It is so named because it is directly across the street from a coffee factory. So even when the rest of downtown smells like the disgusting exhaust of a dogfood factory in North Kansas City, this two or three-block area smells like coffee beans. Maybe some day I'll get tired of it, but I don't see that happening just yet.

The place in question is a garden-level, two-bed/two-bath apartment with floors of polished concrete and over 1450 square feet for dancing and makeout parties. There are high ceilings with exposed pipes and whatnot, and there is ample non-free parking in the attached garage.

Seeing as it's a two-bed/two-bath unit, Jeff will be moving into the second bedroom, and we will both give New Quality Hill and big salute goodbye. I love the apartment on 11th, but the cost-cutting measures taken in the circa-1996 construction have begun to show. The buildings are very cheap, and the level of decay was not evident when we moved in, in 2003. I think Jeff summarizes the style of hasty inexpensive construction well with the term, "insta-slum."

The seller is excited enough about the unit that they accepted an offer for a heck of a lot less than the asking price, and they even agreed to buy us out of our lease, a condition without which this deal would certainly not be happening.

At 1:57pm on Wednesday, February 28th, the financing was assured, and it finally became clear and definite that the deal was going down. I've since given the leasing office a 30-day notice that we're going to move out, placed a moving order for our cable service(to possibly the wrong location), and now I need to start worrying about moving.

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Coyote said:
Congrats on the new house.

3:02 AM, Mar 2, 2007

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