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12:55 AM, Mar 11, 2006 toot this
Custard and Kids
Jeff and I went to Waldo Pizza for some really fantastic St. Louis-style pie tonight. They liked us so much, apparently, that they gave us some Ted Drewes frozen custard, free of charge. As we were burping our dinner, and enjoying some beer on tap from Flat Branch in Columbia, I got a call from a friend, inviting us to a party way the hell out in Shawnee. Neither of us had planned anything more for the evening, and wanted to get in relatively early, so we got in Jeff's car, and made the crazy-long trip out there, with the idea of making it just a short visit.

The party was actually kind of lame, in that there was silly drama going on, and the generally younger crowd seemed more interested in getting blitzed than in enjoying conversation. That kind of makes sense though, because any conversation required shouting over each other. Don't get me wrong- we had a nice time -but we didn't feel very bad about having to take our leave when we did.

It was a nice, relatively quiet Friday.

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