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11:33 AM, Aug 6, 2002 toot this
8/6/2002 12:33 AM
With some much-appreciated help from Joel, I brought the dinette set up to the apartment, and I put the table and chairs together today. There were no premade impressions in any of the woodwork, so I had to drive the woodscrews by hand, with an unpowered screwdriver. That was painful. I also restocked my fridge and cupboards. It's good to have food. On my way into work tonight, I almost hit a deer. I was moving along on Blue Parkway, just after I got off the highway, going about 25 or 30 MPH, when very suddenly, a deer appeared at the side of the road, wanting very much to cross before my car passed. With a quick slam on the brakes, and a slight detour across the right lane, harsh impact with the deer was avoided by only a few inches. I kind of wish I had gotten into a nasty, car-totaling accident, so I could have gotten a new car. I sure like that WRX.

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