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The first of many moments of truth came this past weekend, and until now, I have been too busy/lazy to get it documented online. We bottled the Nut Brown on Saturday. December 11th, amid a flurry of inactivity and slovenly huzzah. I began by clearing a space in our spacious kitchen, and set the priming sugar to dissolve in some boiling water.


After that, I drew up a sanitizing solution, and began, one by one, to sanitize the bottles we've saved up. Among the bottles we used were: Bell's Two Hearted, Bell's Winter White, New Belgium Frambozen, Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre, Victory Hopwallop, St. Pauli Girl Dark(blech!), Great Lakes Winter Lager, Anchor 30th Anniversary Winter, Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, MacTarnahan Mac Frost, and some others I can't remember.


When we were ready to go, we transferred the beer(not wort anymore!) to the "Ale Pail," along with the priming sugar solution. About as soon as that happened, beer started to leak out the housing for the spigot, which we desperately tightened.


When this happened, and when we couldn't figure out how to connect anything to the spigot, we just hooked up the bottle filler to the siphon, and ran it that way. It was no real trouble, except that we had to wash the, "Ale Pail."


Josh filled the bottles, and I capped them. Here, you see the first case of our beer, ever.


When that was all done, we transferred the IPA we brewed last weekend to the secondary, and agreed that we'll need to buy bottles for the next batch, as we just can't handle fifty more beers at home in such a short period.



erin responded:
john boy, i'm so proud of you. perhaps one day you will become a brewing icon. and i'm sure you'll come up with fabulous names for your beers!

1:50 PM, Jan 5, 2004

Rachel wants you to know:
That is awesome! Can't wait to try some!

4:30 PM, Dec 17, 2004

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