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1:58 AM, Aug 5, 2002 toot this
8/5/2002 2:58 AM
Well, I just returned from Peoria about an hour and a half ago, and now I am running the gauntlet of staying up all night, so I can sleep tomorrow, and go to work tomorrow night. The trip was wonderful. I saw a lot of relatives I haven't seen in a long time, and enjoyed beer with them. Apparently I rendered myself intoxicated on Friday night, and after getting sick outside a downtown bar, I was pulling branches off trees and leaves off of potted plants to wipe my face. I'm retarded. I was gifted with a table and chairs for sitting and eating, over the weekend, for my birthday. I guess I'll have to finally get rid of that broken easy chair that's been sitting useless in my "reading corner" for about 14 months. sigh. I like that chair, too. In other news, I have set a new record for low(but adequate) payments to the credit card companies. The upside of that, though, is that I now have money for groceries and rent!

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