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4:13 AM, May 16, 2003 toot this
5/16/2003 5:13 AM
Work was pretty light this week. I can't believe they hired so many people. Work was pretty light when we only had four people on our shift. Now we have 9, and it appears that we have a few moles placed here by management. Management will get a big surprise from their moles: there are too many people.

The running continues well, as evidenced by the lard page. I have almost gotten to the point that I enjoy the running. I know that I find it refreshing, and not painful, and I definitely do look forward to runs now. But here's the thing: I still can tolerate nights when I don't run, like weekends. Like tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is the kcgeek third anniversary barbecue. There will be lots of beer, brats, and geeky wireless internet access. While the wireless internet access sounds cool, I think I will lay off.

I shaved tonight. Picture here. The hanging extra chin doesn't seem quite as pronounced. I will continue to run.

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