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11:33 AM, Nov 6, 2007 toot this
Quite a Week
The first of several rather exciting days was observed last night. Chris and I went down to Grinders on a tip from Jeff that they allegedly already have Nutcracker Ale on tap. Jeff's tip proved to be true, as we hunkered down to some delicious local Christmas beer. In addition, Lacey is back there. She gave us a warm welcome, and I said, "I thought you didn't work here anymore."

"Well, I didn't. But now I do!"

"Well that's settled!"

Chris and I then went over to JP Wine Bar, where Josh, Nick, and Chris play records in exchange for money on Mondays, and found that they also had Nutcracker on tap! To make the concert-goers more comfortable after just having seen Garth Brooks perform at the nearby Sprint Center, the boys lent a country twang to the evening's record-playing agenda, albeit an old, George Jones-flavored twang. After two, maybe three more delicious Nutcrackers, I cast a worried look at the time, and was affirmed in my apprehension. It was just after midnight. I quickly settled my tab and headed home in the crisp night air.

I voted this morning, and so took two of the three paid hours alloted to me by the state of Missouri to accomplish said goal. I picked up some lunch on the way in, and here I sit. Tonight I'm going to a super-special preview night at McFadden's, which on Friday will be the first bar to open in the new Power & Light District. It has been reported to me that due in no small part to the coaxing and prodding by myself and Geoff, McFadden's will feature draught selections from O'Fallon Brewery on the other side of the state, being the first tap in Kansas City to do so(besides the tap in my apartment).

Tomorrow, I'll get out of here a bit early, and visit the Hotel President downtown to attend the final audition for being a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune. Following that, I will either be elated or disappointed, but in either case, I will probably join Jeff in bottling the Christmas beer immediately afterward.

On Thursday the indoor kickball season begins. It will either be really lame or really awesome. Time will tell. I have Friday off because I worked the maintenance window this past weekend. I will spend that time off sleeping in, driving to Des Moines, and being irresponsible therein with Alex and Sarah. On Saturday we'll drive up to Minneapolis and witness the wedding of college friend Amanda.

I don't want to think beyond that.


Jeff interjected:
Ooo...can you please bring back some Surly Furious tallboys? i can loan you my cooler. pleeeeeeeease?

7:46 PM, Nov 6, 2007

bahua cut in with:
How about we drink the enormous volumes of beer that we already have, before buying more?

8:41 AM, Nov 7, 2007

Todd S offered:
Surly has made its way to Chicago, draft only at this point. Had a couple glasses of Darkness at Map Room the other day. Fantastic stuff.

10:04 AM, Nov 15, 2007

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