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10:24 PM, Oct 12, 2006 toot this
The Datacenter Smell
The work has been going well. The time passes like lightning while I'm here, because I almost always have something enjoyable to do. I suppose I'll get stuck with some unpleasant work at some point, but for now, things are great. I'm working on a project to produce a graph that shows some system statistics for the first ten business days of October. To do this, I wrote a semi-elaborate perl script that collects the information and outputs a format that'll be usable in Excel.

Interestingly, it's perl with which I'm more comfortable, and not Excel. So, pursuant to this, I keep editing the perl scripts to make a format that requires fewer and fewer actions on my part, when I run Excel. I'm very funny to myself.

It's nice being back in a big-iron environment. I haven't even been in a datacenter since I was a puny tier-1 contractor at the OSSC in Lenexa. I had forgotten about the smell. Datacenters smell awesome. The white noise of omnipresent fans and air conditioners, combined with the new-car smell of plastic and silicon, wafts a cold breeze into your nostrils that reminds you how expensive all this stuff is, and that it's all for you to work with.

It's really wonderful.

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ralfonso offered:
Waitaminute! When the hell were you Tier-1 OSSNet? I was at the OSSC from Nov 2000 - June 2002

8:12 PM, Oct 16, 2006

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