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Third Roommate
I spent a quiet week at home, working on some paperwork for work, along with some programming. It has been an entirely uneventful week, and for that, for some reason, I am exceedingly content. No great tragedies or triumphs have occurred lately, and I have just been getting along as I always do, playing Civilization and trying to give my injured foot as much exercise as possible.

May I say, by the way, that it has been ideal outside, for walking. Several times now, I have taken a four or five mile walk, just to put as much weight on the foot as I can. The meandering, zig-zagging walk from my apartment to Crown Center covers about two and a half miles, each way, and has an elevation difference of over 200 feet. It's an excellent route, as well, because it's beautiful. I greatly enjoy watching downtown come into its own, as it has over the last couple of years.

For the first time since April, I went to First Friday down in the Crossroads tonight, with Heidi. We walked and talked for a couple of hours, and had a lovely time in the sixty-degree November air, taking in a couple of galleries, and rounding off the evening with a drink at Jilly's. The event has gotten much bigger than the last fall/winter First Friday I attended, with parked cars lining every street for a good distance in every direction from the liveliest corner, 18th and Wyandotte.

In other news, I have a roommate! Nathan will be moving everything in, tomorrow, and will be aiding me in the ceremonial paying of the bills, for an as-yet undetermined amount of time. More good news: Josh will not be leaving KC any time soon, as he has secured lodging in Midtown, and is now, I am happy to report, an avid and regular busrider. I wish I lived in busriding distance of my office.

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ck had this to say:
congrats on the roomie jk. hope the foot continues to feel better.

9:10 AM, Nov 6, 2005

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