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9:53 PM, Apr 2, 2007 toot this
Overnight Work
For tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that, I am working from 9pm to 5am. In the world of financial transactions, this period of time is referred to as "Quarter End." Lots of periodical batch processing goes on, and now more than ever, our servers get hit with heavy loads of traffic and activity. As a sign of good will and customer service, our management has promised for us to more important people that we will be bodily in the building, ready to respond to problems at a moment's notice.

Seeing as the time I'm here is quite literally the middle of the night, there's very little to do except keep monitoring screens up, check back on them on occasion, and take over the oncall responsibilities. As incredibly demanding as this sounds, it actually affords me some free time. I have already watched an episode on TNG, in addition to having responded to a handful of actual issues.

I still have six hours left in here. Joy of joys.

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