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Oktoberfest and Dancing
I met Geoff in front of his place on Friday afternoon, and we walked down to roughly somewhere along Main to wait for a bus. Just as we despaired a bus bore down on us and happily stopped between stops to pick us up. We got off on Grand, south of where the city had barricaded it off, and headed north, through the barricades.

What followed was a long night, involving lots and lots of beer. Warsteiner Dunkel and Boulevard Bob's 47 accompanied me through an Oktoberfest Friday with talking, laughing, singing, and just a whole ton of dancing. It was definitely the most fun I've had yet at Oktoberfest in Kansas City. After the event itself, those in attendance filed off in various directions, with a contingent of us moving on to the Zoo Bar, as is our custom.

While there I ran into Sarah, who was patiently spending some quality time with some college friends immediately following a wedding somewhere in town. We sat and talked for a while. When the bar closed we, along with an extremely inebriated Geoff made our way through the streets. We lost Geoff at 13th and Walnut as he just kind of wandered off, ignoring sharp yells of his name. I walked Sarah to her car, and she gave me a ride home.

The next day I woke up with an uncomfortable hangover, but it cleared nicely by noon or so. I went down to the Power and Light District for the beerfest, to find that none of my friends that had previously expressed interest, and had even made plans, felt up to the challenge of attending. While the music was great, as was the beer and the scenery, I wasn't quite awake enough to enjoy the event by myself. I went home and slept away the afternoon.

I met James and Angela down at Oktoberfest again later that night. They were largely unimpressed by the unimpressive band that was playing for the duration of their stay, so they announced their plans to leave, as soon as we finished a funnel cake. As we ate the funnel cake(my first in perhaps five years), I mentioned how long it had been since I'd had an elephant ear, and received blank stares from both of them. Apparently, like the proper pronunciation of "Apricot," elephant ears are something that never really reached Kansas City. Their loss.

As we ate the funnel cake I received a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the high-five smiles of Amanda, Matt, and Tony before me. I informed James and Angela that I would probably be joining them later, but for now I was going to remain at Oktoberfest with my three newly-arrived friends. We stayed for the Prost Band, and did a little dancing. Tony and I began shouting that stupid song about boots with the fur and apple-bottom jeans until it was many iterations past amusing to our neighbors. That's pretty much how the rest of the evening went.

I received a number of text messages from Nick, who with Anna had just flown in from their honeymoon in Georgia. He was at Grinders, then somewhere else, and then at JP where I eventually caught up with them. We closed that place down, and after doing so Ryan, Nick, Anna and I went to YJ's for late night delicious food. I got home by perhaps 4am, and slept soundly until high noon.

Sarah(a different Sarah) and I had planned on getting together to go for a long walk on Sunday, but were both too exhausted and hungover to attempt it. Instead we met for brunch at You Say Tomato and recapped our weekends. It was a wonderful weekend for me, and I look forward to more in KC.

One thing I determined this weekend, and through various recent events is that though I love dancing, and am generally pretty good at it, I think I need to take lessons. The last formal instruction I ever received was when I went to Cotillion in junior high, and learned how to do the foxtrot to "It Would Take a Strong Strong Man," and "Baby, Baby," by Rick Astley and Amy Grant, respectively.

So, I think I'd like to take some dance lessons here in KC. I think it would be a lot of fun, but there are mitigating factors that also amplify one another. The first is that I think I would need to go with the same woman to these lessons, and basically have a standing date to do so, and scheduling is a pain. The second problem is that since I'm a single person, it's difficult to find a single woman with whom to go, and with whom such a commitment could be made without a major emotional production, or consent, or payment.

I'd love to take dance lessons, but I need to find a woman, even just a friend, with whom to go.


sarah had this to say:
You left out the part about me specifically asking you not to look at my crotch and you looking anyway. You left that out.

10:01 PM, Oct 1, 2008

bahua said:
Who is this?

1:11 AM, Oct 2, 2008

Alexjandro interrupted with:
"or payment" Got to love it.

3:42 PM, Oct 16, 2008

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