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7:07 AM, Jan 8, 2005 toot this
Travel Picks Back Up
I'm heading to Madison, WI all next week, and it looks like I'll be spending no more than two weeks at a time in KC for a while. Between now and May, I have three work-related trips planned, and just as many or more personal trips. More work trips will filter through, as the air warms up, and the training schedules crazify.

This week was supposed to be when I get most of the work done that I need to do for next week's trip(I'm flying solo on this one), but we got ravaged this week by a nasty ice storm, and I have been immobilized at home with a working car with an almost empty tank, with a fuel door that's frozen shut. I hope to make it into the office today or tomorrow, to get said work done, and my only hope, it seems, is for the weather to warm up. I just checked the weather, and it looks like it'll stay below freezing until tomorrow.

We sure are cutting it close.

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