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Never Summer Ale
I decided to stay at the Blind Pig for another beer, as their selection is just second to none in Central Illinois. Careful not to get anything too strong, as I still had a 40-mile drive ahead of me, I spotted the alcohol content on Boulder Brewery's "Never Summer" Ale. 6%. I also thought of the extremely complementary words for this beer on the part of my friend Dave, and that was that.

I asked Charlotte to pour me one as soon as she had a moment.

It pours a deep brown color, as with any quality winter beer, promising a delicious fifteen to twenty minutes. Unfortunately, those minutes are up before you notice.

Not eager or ready to be tossed out on my butt just yet, I ordered a Two-hearted ale off their very impressive row of taps.

Ah, Bell's. Is there any time you don't come through when I travel in the Midwest outside Missouri?

(note: the Midwest is composed of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri)

Ratings (out of ten):

Aroma: 7 (Chocolatey, with hints of maltiness)

Flavor: 8 (Had a strange fruity flavor that I can only identify as "inverse bitter," with fruity undertones in its relatively bitter finish)

Body: 8 (Fruit-propelled thickness retreats soundlessly down your throat)

Smoothness: 6 (It goes down easily, but because of its fruity flavor, one is enough)

Price: 7 ($3.50; Not terrible, but still more than I'd expect to pay in Champaign)

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