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7:22 AM, Nov 1, 2006 toot this
Where's Halloween, B?
I took the bus to work yesterday, and in the afternoon I took the #163 from work that I normally take. Just before leaving the office, an email thread was developing among friends about a group meeting for a drink. I had to get moving to catch my bus, to make it anywhere on time. So I continued my correspondence from the bus on my phone. It was decided that we'd meet at Charlie Hooper's in Brookside, which was really easy for me. As the bar is within about twenty feet of one of the stops for the bus I was riding, I was the first one there by at least a half an hour.

I was amazed by the crowds in Brookside. It was 5:15pm on Halloween afternoon, and costumed children were out in droves. I guess I should have expected the trick-or-treat crowds, but I hadn't. Two things struck me as strange about the crowds. First, the sun was still lingering in the sky. Darkness wasn't even possible with squinted eyes, and what appeared to be the bulk of the trick-or-treating appeared to be happening then. These kids looked like they'd be done with their annual candy sojourn by dinner. What happened to Halloween?

I don't have much of a memory of this, but I can only assume that at least when we were really little, we were accompanied by one of both of our parents, or a neighborly equivalent, as we giddily held pillowcases toward our eager neighbors for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. But when I was older, but still young enough not to draw inquisitive looks for trick-or-treating, my brother, sister, and a couple neighbor kids would take the neighborhood on our own, the oldest of us being no more than ten or eleven. Many kids of this age were out and about in Brookside yesterday, and they all had adults in tow.

Maybe I just grew up in another town, but I don't think that's it. I think I just grew up in another time.

Anyway, I grabbed a seat at a comfortable low table, ordered a 90 Shilling, a bowl of chili, and a basket of waffle-cut fries. I had completed my first glass of beer, eaten my dinner, and read a chapter by the time Terra walked up. We sat and talked until Erp arrived. Matt joined us for a while, and an all-around nice time was had. I was home by 9pm.


becca brooked no delay in saying:
Pumpkins lit, candy at the ready, and then I waited...and waited...aaaand waited. Nothing. No trick-or-treaters. Damn! What am I going to do with all of this candy? I decided that Halloween is my favorite holiday, but yes, I concur, WHERE IS IT?

9:30 AM, Nov 1, 2006

Jeff had this to say:
The waffle fries at Hooper's are awesome.

9:43 AM, Nov 1, 2006

Rachel had this to say:
Yeah, now there's all this crap about having to be back inside by 6pm, I think trick or treating after dark is a minor offense in some places. Ridiculous, I know.

6:09 PM, Nov 1, 2006

bahua spoiled the calm with:
This is ancient history by now. I won't talk again about it until I'm shocked next year.

2:18 PM, Nov 2, 2006

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