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2:18 PM, Feb 5, 2009 toot this
Beer at 75mph
Sorry about that emo post the other day. I feel better now. Developments have since arisen that largely cancel the bad feelings I had, or at least distract me from them well.

I'm going to Derek's bachelor party in the Ozarks this weekend. It's going to be in the 70s on Saturday. So that means that when someone passes out outside, we needn't concern ourselves with any danger posed by hypothermia. We will load ourselves and our personal effects into a 15-passenger van, leave the seats at a gas station, and talk about important things whilst rolling around in an unlawfully dangerous manner, all the while exploiting Missouri's lack of an official nondriver open container law.

Also, there will be mustaches. Photos to come.


nick brooked no delay in saying:
That was amazingly fun.

2:57 PM, Feb 11, 2009

impatient commented:
update your website! it's been two weeks wihtout anything. my life is empty without you bahua!

12:06 PM, Feb 19, 2009

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