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4:05 AM, Aug 8, 2002 toot this
8/8/2002 5:05 AM
Well, it's official. I'm 24. My colleagues at Production Management were quite surprised that it's my birthday, and I sensed that Elaine, my supervisor, would have liked to know that today is my birthday a little more in advance, because she looked almost guilty when I said, at 12:02, "Well, I'm 24." Geoff, another colleague, approached me, and asked me to retrieve his notebook from his car, while giving me a goofy wink. I went downstairs, and took my time. When I returned to the control room, a cake, ice cream, and a card had all been placed at my console. Very nice, if you ask me. Apparently, Elaine made an emergency trip to the local seller of things to pick up the aforementioned items. Despite some definite shortcomings(having to do with the corporate mentality)I really do like my job, pretty much for the people with whom I work, and the work that I get to do. I went to Dixon's chili last night, and had a plate of dry chili for the first time ever, and the jury says "delicious!"

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