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3:19 PM, Nov 7, 2006 toot this
I Voted. Did You?
I went and voted this morning. I voted for a Democrat to unseat the incumbent party yes-man Jim Talent. I voted against a measure to raise taxes on cigarettes by four cents per smoke, to allegedly benefit anti-smoking programs and restocking previously frettered medicaid resources that were squandered by the current state legislature. I voted for a measure to raise taxes to allow for the construction of a light rail system, along with my favorite part: a fleet of sixty electric buses.

I voted for the amendment to authorize and set limits on the use of stem cells, as I could find no convincing reason to vote against it. I voted for a measure that will deny convicted judges of their pensions. I voted against a city measure that proposed imposing fees for the use of the tax-supported fire department. I voted for the increase of the minimum wage to a still tiny six dollars and fifty cents.

I voted for Mike Talboy for the Missouri 37th District, who bought us drinks back in March while he was campaigning, and who apparently ran unopposed in the general election. I voted that a bunch of circuit and appeals judges retain their office. I voted for a bunch of crooked county legislators that ran unopposed. I voted for Mike Sanders to be the next Jackson County Executive. I voted for whichever Libertarian was running against the crooked Emmanuel Cleaver for the US House. I don't recall the name.

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Jeff responded:
Scantron ballots are the devil. Bring back the chads!

3:22 PM, Nov 7, 2006

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