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Catch Up With Me
My job search has been filled with opportunities and excitement. I'm just pleased that I'm prepared for the search not going as well as it has. There are still some loose ends to tie up with the old employer. They appear to be holding my possessions hostage until I contact their HR people about an exit questionnaire/interview, which they will not get out of me. No productive content can be garnered from such an exchange, since my termination wasn't exactly justified. I'm still mulling over how to handle that matter, as well.

As for the intervening time, I have been trying to keep busy, and trying not to sleep too late. Ben dropped me a lead on a job working from home part time, in my spare time. It pays better than Missouri unemployment compensation, which I have found out, is an absolute pain in the ass to procure. I suppose it's probably something many people routinely defraud, as it principally involves two things most sought in our society: money, and not working. After officially signing up on the state's webpage, I received a piece of mail a few days later in which a Missouri-branded Mastercard was enclosed. Apparently, unemployment compensation is allocated with high-interest credit cards. Proof must be furnished in the unemployed's weekly filings that employment has been actively sought a minimum of three times.

It all seems like a tremendous pain, and it looks easier to just get a damned job. I think a piece of crap job would probably pay better. Part of the questionnaire that I filled out to initially apply for unemployment asked me what my income was prior to my untimely termination, but that if it exceeded $9999 on the year, then I should just enter $9999. Um, really?

Without a job to run to in the suburbs, I haven't had a lot of use for my car. It's been gathering dust in one of the "free" spots on my street. As such, I haven't been spending a great deal of money. I have been taking advantage of numerous drink specials at numerous places, and accepting the generosity of friends without soliciting it, except with Cole. For some reason, I have no problem asking him for money.

I went to the Flying Saucer on Tuesday night, where the local Obama campaign had arranged to hold their election watch party. High fives and cheers went around the room at regular intervals, even though Missouri itself was one of the few states that fell to McCain. After the concession and acceptance speeches, Jen and I went over to the Live block to see if there was a large crowd, such as was visible at Grant Park in Chicago. There was not. Though this floored me, it had little effect on Jen, who was deliriously exalting over Obama's win, and how it would apparently help the business that she and Sarah are opening, with which Brad and I are helping. More on that later, perhaps.

My own feelings on Obama's win are mixed. I think he's a socialist fool, and his plans are almost certain to damage our economy dramatically, but the damage will be cleverly disguised as equality. That said, I fail to see how the situation could have improved at all with McCain in office. Despite his purported status as a "maverick," any president-elect will toe the party line, and the Republican Party as of late seems to be irretrievably astray, and in my opinion, the only remedy for it is a time-out, to reacquaint itself with its own roots, philosophies, and perceptions. At the very least, we have an interesting decade ahead of us.

I need to get a shower, as we have a playoff and possibly a championship game to play tonight.

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