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First Brewing
I first brewed on Saturday, November 13th, 2004. My first attempt was an English nut brown ale. Prior to brewing, I took an inventory of sorts. Here is the bulk of the brewing equipment.


Here's the Yeast package that came with the ingredients, reproducing under my supervision, and plant.


Before I could start, I needed to mark the carboy with volume markers, for where each level of volume would be. I also primed the kettle at this point.


The brewing actually started at about 6:15 PM, with the pre-boil steeping. The principal ingredient in the package was a sealed bag of speciality grains, pre-crushed for my convenience. the first step is to steep them in the sub-boiling water, in the enclosed mash(gauze) bag. I was surprised at how quickly the water changed color, early in the fifteen-minute steeping phase.


I enjoyed the steeping a lot. I didn't have to move.


I asked Josh to help clean off some of the dirty dishes that were in the way, and to give the syrupy malt extract a warm bath, to make it easier to pour into the mixture, when the boil began.


After the boil was complete, I filled the sink with cold water and set the kettle in, to chill the boiling wort. I had to change the water three or four times. All in all, I used a ton of water to brew this beer.


The next step after chilling the wort was to tranfer it to the fermenter, also known as the carboy. For this, I got to use the siphon that came with the kit. I thought that this was especially cool.


Just after filling the fermenter, I pitched(added) the prolific yeast, and took a hydrometer reading. The starting gravity was 1.082, which means that it's 82% more dense than water, and has a potential alcohol content of 12%.


After that, I affixed the stopper and placed the very heavy carboy in the pantry.


Now all I have to do is wait.

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