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6:57 AM, Nov 4, 2004 toot this
Autumn wanes
I went to another wedding last weekend, in Peoria. My cousin Dianne got married in a very nice ceremony. Why is it that grown-ups(she's not in her twenties) always pull off the nicest, classiest weddings? One of the biggest things that impressed me was the 10-15 piece band that played the reception. Bands are much more expensive than hiring a DJ, but older folks can afford it better, I suppose. If and when i get married, I will try to make getting a band at the reception a priority. It adds immeasurably to the experience.

Among other niceties, there was no Hokey Pokey, and no Chicken Dance either. I think the exclusion of these two things elevates any wedding to a higher level. The garter toss still happened, as did the glass-tapping, but you can't have everything.

It was nice to be home, to actually spend a weekend with the family all together. Julia came in from Cleveland, I came in from Kansas City, and Brian came in from Chicago, bringing Rachel and Kathleen with him. On Sunday morning, we all gathered for brunch, and had some relatives over to share it. It was a fitting end to a very nice weekend.

This week at work was pretty busy, until now. Geoff and Paul are going to Des Moines for an exercise, and TJ's going with them, so I spent most of Monday and Tuesday moving computers out of the computer room, running back and forth between there and my office, troubleshooting problems with the computers, and helping to pack them up and load them into the van they rented. They departed at about 9AM yesterday, and if I thought I had nothing to do before, I should have heard from me now.

All the computers are in Iowa, so I have nothing to work on. TJ, Paul, and Paul's team are all gone too, so I have nobody to support, and to top if off, my checking account is overdrawn and I need gas for my car. With all these factors in play, I'm staying home today, and maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow is First Friday, though.

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