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9:30 AM, Jul 21, 2006 toot this
After we finished the exercise yesterday, we busied ourselves pulling down network cables and packing up the 40 computers that were sent to us from Orlando, into huge padded plastic cases. We wheeled them over to Supply, shook the supply sergeant's hand, and struck all memory of Tiger Balm 2006 from our minds. We immediately convened at High Noon Saloon and Brewery for a post-exercise victory drink, compliments of our supportive and generous COTA(the guy in charge).

After that, I hopped in my car and drove the ridiculous 35 miles back to civilization, with a mind to cut loose, as it was established at High Noon that the next time we would all meet at the office would be next Thursday. After that, I am taking a four day weekend, with my sister visiting. So, of the next eleven days, I'm working one. I got home at about 6:30, and started working on that keg, and after a short while, I received a text message from Matt, informing me that everybody was at Harry's except for me.

I legged it to Harry's, and met up with Jeff, Eric, Matt, and Kristin. Hardly everybody, but a very good crowd nonetheless. After a bit, Kristin had to move along, as she had kickball obligations to attend to. The four of us stayed, and continued drinking beer. We were very funny to ourselves. We were just settling up when Elli arrived, and we denied that we were settling up. I think I had two or three more glasses of Bully! Porter after that, and managed to get them paid for, because Matt appeared to be awkwardated when he told Michelle, our waitress, that he'd be covering Elli's drinks. "....um, and his too," be quickly added.

I finally got to see the cheesy commercial Matt starred in for the Metro. It's very cheesy. Among many other poses and locations, it features him sitting at a bus stop, talking to folks with fast quips like, "I haven't bought gas in months!" It was very entertaining.

I sensed that they were waiting for me to leave, so I left. Even at 11:30pm, it was still well over 90 degress outside. I sweatily walked home, and went to sleep with no intention of having to wake up for anything. I awoke a full eleven hours later, and started writing this website entry.

I have people coming over later, so I suppose I should get going on that pile of laundry over there.

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