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I tranferred the wort-slash-beer from the original, six-gallon carboy, over to the secondary, five-gallon carboy today. Before actually firing up the siphon(which, by the way, is one of the coolest single pieces of all this new equipment), I made sure to get a shot or two.


This is the primary fermenter, in which the first stage of fermentation took place. A couple of days ago, the bubbling and head party came to an eventual end, signalling to me that it was time to get busy a-transferrin'. I sanitized the equipment I would be using, with the OneStep powder supplied in the brewing kit, and pulled the airlock off the original carboy. I expected a stench of gameday portopotty proportions to frantically emanate from the glass container, but instead was met was a pleasant odor. Beer! I actually smells like beer! I made something that smells like beer, besides a Friday morning expense report.


I enthusiastically began siphoning the beer from the carboy to the other. I took about twenty pictures, but the above shot is all you get. It was at this time that I realized how much sediment had been created in the running of the primary fermenter. I had no idea what I was in for. The transfer finished cleanly, and I sealed up the secondary fermenter.


The transfer took about five minutes, and revealed the extent of the sedimentation, as you can see in the picture down into the carboy.


For your viewing pleasure, I submit this and this, as a reminder of what I had to clean. All things considered, it wasn't really that bad, except to look at.

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