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11:30 AM, Aug 28, 2005 toot this
The Language that Owns Me
I have been using perl for a couple of months, now, and I am simply amazed at its capabilities and efficiency. It's lightning fast, and really easy to debug and write, once you get the hang of it. The more I use it, the more I come to believe that it was written by someone that was angry about other languages being obfuscated and kludgy. It seems like it was meant to be used by anyone who wants their language to make sense. I have been going through websites and applications I have written in shell script, and converting them to perl. I can't believe the performance increase.

The page you are looking at now, for example, is running a perl script to grab all the content it needs, and turn around and display it for you. You should notice a significant speed boost to the site because of this.

I am currently spending a quiet weekend at home, taking care of some administrative things, and swinging at some projects for work. I am in super-scrooge mode until after Brian's wedding, as I have still not located a roommate, and will thus be responsible for the entirety of September's rent.

Speaking of Brian's wedding, it's next weekend. I'll be hopping on a plane to Cleveland on Wednesday, where I'll hang out with Julia and Rachel, and Brian will actually stop by for dinner on Wednesday night. It's going to be a really fun trip.

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