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Walking in the Rain
I'm on call again. I had a bit of a night from hell last night, and so delayed my arrival into the office until about 11:30am today. After the slings and arrows of outrageous work, I ran home and fed Jeff's yowling cat before taking a three-hour nap. I woke up from that, and performed a big internet forum migration for no money. Once I'd confirmed that everything was working I hastened over to Harry's to meet Matt and some of his out-of-town visitors.

While there we agreed that women are several times more beautiful when wearing old maid, Tina Fey-style glasses, such as our waitress wore. We then walked over to Matt's place and finished off a cold, ridiculously delicious Tarantino's cheese pizza. After a relatively short time, I announced that I was going to head home and get some Texas Tom's. I listened to Muse's album Black Holes and Revelations in FLAC while I walked home in the rain. Honestly, it was really lovely. I don't get to walk in the rain very often, and I love doing it. Combine that with crystal-clear audio blaring in my ears while looking around at the streetlights alive with illuminated rain, buildings oranged with night, and the wet, reflective streets of downtown. You capture no small part of why I love living where I live.

I did not, it turns out, go to Texas Tom's. I will have a bowl of ice cream instead.

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