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5:13 AM, Oct 2, 2002 toot this
10/2/2002 6:13 AM
New people just keep materializing at work. This was a very small operation when I started here in April, and now it's verging in scale to very big. They say that things we are doing in my group are very important to the company, and we need all the people we can get, but it makes me worry for the most recently hired people, when things "normalize," and the appropriate headcount is discerned. In the great reassembly of the lan at home, there are a few machines that are still not on the network yet. Vesuvius, my "fast linux box" has been having booting problems, so in lieu of trying to get the drive it will not boot to boot, I have moved it to Denali(the machine with this webserver on it), to be a really big samba share. I will purchase an 8 GB drive from someone in town, and see if I can get that one to work for Vesuvius. If not, then I fear I have yet another faulty part for that machine. Geoff had a terminal case of the hiccups yesterday. It actually pained me to witness him struggle in his bout with the hiccups. Everybody has their own remedy that always works for them, including me, but explaining it to someone else never works for them. What a shame. His hiccups eventually just went away, apparently, after about 36 hours. Blech.

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