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10:15 AM, Dec 25, 2004 toot this
Merry Christmas
Hello from Peoria, where I sit, beset by Christmas gifts. I have been here at Dad and Amy's house since the 22nd, and I finally have a quiet moment. Ironic that it's on Christmas day, n'est-ce pas?

I opened my first bottle of the Nut Brown we made, at the Caroling Party on Thursday, and was very pleased to see how good it was, though it definitely needed to complete its carbonation. That's what we get for cracking it early, I suppose. On Wednesday, Brian and I went over to Friar Tuck Beverage, and picked up a supply of ingredients for the next batch of beer. I will add some other things, and publish the recipe, if it turns out to be good, or maybe I won't, and I'll just make you wait for me to brew it, if you ever want any.

In conclusion, I got a fantastic ice cream scoop, and a raincoat, for Christmas.

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9/1/2002 9:00 AM
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