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3:39 PM, Feb 14, 2008 toot this
Son of a Bitch
Okay, so I had a nice little post about my upcoming trips and how lovely life is right now, and then I logged into my online banking website to see if my 2007 tax refund had been deposited yet by the IRS, and it had not yet.

So, I logged into the H&R Block tax website to see if my return had been accepted, and it said it had. They gave a URL for checking the status of my refund on the IRS' website.

So, I went to the IRS' website and entered my information, and it told me there's a delay in the processing of my refund, and gave me a number to call, along with an extension to enter once I call that number, in a feigned attempt to make it look like I was calling about some very specific issue, and so I wouldn't feel like there were also thousands of other people that have to do the same thing.

So, I called the number and entered the extension. After I waited for about five minutes on hold, Mrs. Townsend picked up and told me that my refund was being held, but she couldn't say why. She gave me another number to call.

So, I called the second number, and after about twenty minutes on hold, and hearing the hold music loop twice, Mrs Sampos picked up and told me that the IRS had lost my 2003 return, and that according to legislation that was passed in 2007, my refund was required to be withheld until this issue was resolved.

So, because the IRS doesn't actually do any work to help anyone, it logically falls on me to take care of this. I need to dig up my 2003 return, date it, sign it in blue ink, and mail it to Andover, Massachusetts. After it gets to Andover Massachusetts, they will take their sweet-ass time processing it- six to twelve weeks Mrs Sampos informed me -after which they will release my refund. This is if everything goes well.

So, if I can't find my 2003 return when I get home tonight, the IRS will make me file for 2003 again and pay taxes again, only this time, because I'm such a negligent lowlife for trusting them to do their God-damned jobs, at the maximum rate, plus a penalty and interest.

So, as you might imagine, my good mood is slightly diminished.


ck cut in with:
Wow, that entire situation BEE EL OH DOUBLEYOU ES!

4:34 PM, Feb 14, 2008

Alexjandroo responded:
I believe there is a Avenue Q song for you situation.... "It sucks to be you"! It is weird that this happened to you because it almost never happens. On an unrelated side note, it is a good thing we have people pushing for universal health care run by the government.

9:54 AM, Feb 16, 2008

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