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9:16 AM, Jun 26, 2007 toot this
Free to Be ... You and Me
Through the waning audacity of the Russians, I managed to get my hands on an album we used to sing along to when I was very little. I would venture a guess that the last time I'd heard any of these songs was 1986 or 1987. No more recently than 20 years ago have I heard this music. I remember sitting in the back of the big blue conversion van with Brian and Julia, acting out the speaking parts, and enjoying the thoroughly innocent feelgood music from the van's tape deck.

I'm not sure how it reentered my mind, but it did recently. Especially the song "When We Grow Up," lingered just behind my eyes, and pestered my memory when I would be outside on green sunlit days, especially kickball days.

Anyway, I downloaded it last night, loaded it onto my player, and listened to it all the way on my commute. I'm still listening to it now. It's a piece of my childhood that I had all but forgotten except in fleeting temporary thoughts. Was this album part of anyone else's childhoods?

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